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Jack Derricourt, music blogger and editor at Digital Journal, describes the Montréal-born David Backshell as an artist who “finds himself in a new playground, with very few children joining him on the swing set.” Backshell was the lyricist on the successful production “Kill Sister Kill! A Musical” at the 2015 New York International Fringe Festival, and after this hit the studio with nine original tracks for his first full-length debut Art-Rock album “Codeine Dreams” which follows up his current two EP discography. This album is the culmination of several years honing his skills in songwriting, building on the sparseness found in his second EP “Halfsleeper”, which gained traction upon its 2014 release in Edmonton, Toronto, Niagara, and Hamilton, landing him in the top-20 requested artists in radio, and ranked 3rd on CJSR 88.5 Edmonton.

With the formation of David’s band “The Nighttime Gals” who are the MacDonald brothers: Graham and Josh [Itchy Bones, The Midnight Society] on bass & drums, Chantal Sylvestre [The Sound of Music, RENT] on vocals, and Michael Zahorak [Jessica Sutta, Lynn Moffatt] on keys/backup vocals, David takes storytelling to a new level rivaling artists within genres of pop, folk, rock, blues, where he is not afraid to showcase his willingness to break boundaries beyond conventional songwriting. 


The anticipated album, produced by Remy Perrin of WavePulse Studios, creates a self-contained narrative into the life of David Backshell and will debut Summer 2017. Subtle with his craft and buried in a world that grows forever louder, Backshell chants through. As Jack Derricourt put it, “It’s this flirting with inherited language, but never falling victim to the full brunt of its force that makes the lyrics stand out.”


Follow David on Twitter @david_backshell, and visit his website for upcoming shows in Toronto.



A record of complex, layered musical arrangements that give way to dark narratives.

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